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Here at Cairns PC our goal is to provide seamless and easy technical support. We use Join.me to remotely access your computer (with your permission) to help you with your problems, if we cannot fix the problem, you will receive a free service next time.

Cairns PC support tickets:
1 remote support ticket* $10.00
2 remote support tickets* $15.00
5 remote support tickets* $25.00
10 remote support tickets* $45.00
1 month remote support packageˆ $25.00
3 month remote support packageˆ $50.00 (save $25)
6 month remote support packageˆ $90.00 (save $60)
12 month remote support packageˆ $150.00 (save $150)


*Remote support tickets expire after 3 months of purchase. No refunds. ^The maximum limit of calls are calculated by the length in months multiplied by 4.